Why I am excited about SLAM! and why you should be too

Why I am excited about SLAM!

SLAM! marks several major milestones for me in my translation career.

  1. My first ever international translation conference with attendees from all of Scandinavia and beyond

I’ve only previously been to national conferences and local events in Sweden.

  1. My first conference since I have over five years of experience

In hindsight, I feel I was still a newbie the last times I attended conferences years ago. I know a lot more people now, have a completely different perspective and radically different ideas and interests. I hadn’t gotten involved on committees and blogs within SFÖ and the ATA yet in the past either.

  1. My first conference with six Lund Translation Team members in attendance at once

Previously, there has never been more than two of us in attendance at a time. The team is growing and it will be invigorating to have so many colleagues by my side to share this experience with.

  1. My first conference presentation

It’s exciting to challenge myself to measure up to the high standard of presentations at this conference. I take great comfort in the fact I will be sharing the stage with my two brilliant colleagues Johanna Holmgren and Örjan Skoglösa.

  1. My first time taking Chris Durban’s master class

After having read the Prosperous Translator and other works and commentaries by Chris, I have been looking forward to taking her master class for a while now and at last the time has come. I think it will go a long way toward helping me meet my long-term business goals. One of the things I have admired about Chris is that she leads by example and has really put in the work and time herself.

  1. My first time being involved in organizing a large event

I’m grateful to Ingrid Olsson and Nadja Chekhov for recruiting me to join them as an organizer of SLAM! and for conceiving of this new idea of a translation conference for all of Scandinavia with tangible business value for experienced translators and interpreters.

Why you should be excited about SLAM!

I will now try to take a step back from my own excitement and my desire to see the conference draw large numbers of people and be impartial. I think that leaves us with two features that distinguish this conference from other translation conferences in Scandinavia, at least if I generalize and apply what I know about the situation in Sweden to all of Scandinavia: advanced CPD and international networking.

  1. Advanced CPD

Some experienced translators feel they have heard it all before or that the continuing professional development (CPD) is too basic or repetitive. Sometimes there are several sessions which are deliberately designed to serve as entertainment. Bringing in Chris Durban and Ros Schwartz sends a clear message about the level of discourse you can expect at this conference. And incorporating a Translation slam, which I believe is a first in Sweden if I am not mistaken, likewise is something which should be a learning experience even for the most experienced and talented translators out there, as I am sure those who have attended the French to English premium-market translation workshops incorporating slams such as Translate in the Catskills or Cambridge can attest to.

  1. International networking

Translators based in Scandinavia generally face similar challenges in their translation careers and have a lot to learn from each other. I also suspect there are several clients who prefer to translate various types of texts, especially marketing materials, from English or some other major language into all of the Scandinavian languages at the same time. This means that Scandinavian translators could better meet the needs of these clients by collaborating with each other. All in all, the networking at conferences is usually a high point, but I think bringing together larger numbers of attendees from each of the Scandinavian countries along with attendees from around the world could lead to even more fruitful partnerships and business.

I’m also looking forward to networking at the evening social events – the welcome reception on Friday night and the gala dinner on Saturday night. The welcome reception on Friday should be perfect for networking, given that the environment should be a little more relaxed and everyone full of energy and eager to get to know each other and catch up. Saturday will be a really action-packed day and I expect Saturday night will be more about having a good time and building on connections already made on Friday night or Saturday during the day. The venue and food for Saturday night should be an amazing experience as well.

Hope to see you in Malmö on September 24! Drop me a line if you are coming so we can meet up, and have a look at the program if you haven’t registered yet: http://www.slamconf.com/programme-registration/programme-30867347

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